Winter Savings on All Fabufit Services: Body Wraps, Juvanesse & More

Stay Vibrant Even in the Dullest Months

Your skin is an amazing, living organism, but the environment can take its toll. Not only are there hundreds of toxins absorbed through the skin every day, but the winter weather is equally harsh. The cold, dry air will sap the moisture from your skin, leaving it dry, cracked, and more susceptible to aging. Fortunately, our rejuvenating body wraps are the solution to this problem, and you can get one for almost half price just when your skin needs it the most.

At Fabufit Body Contouring, we offer an innovative, all-natural, detoxifying clay body wrap. Bandage strips are soaked in warm Bentonite Clay and wrapped all around your body, prompting your pores to open so toxins can be drawn out.

Bentonite Clay works by attracting unwanted toxins from the skin. The particles in the clay have a negative electrical charge, while the toxins have a positive one. This allows the wrap to pull out toxins while simultaneously soothing the skin and improving circulation. Your skin will be left smoother, softer, and younger-looking.

November Savings

For the month of November, treat yourself to a skin-tightening body wrap for just $99.

Not only will your skin thank you, but you might also even shed a few inches in the process.

And don’t let the cold weather keep you from other beneficial self-care treatments. We are also offering 15%-33% off all our services and packages:

  • Eurowave
  • Juvanesse UltraSonic
  • Life Coaching

Don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more about how Fabufit can keep you looking and feeling your best with our innovative body contouring services. Book online today!

Fabulous Black Friday Offers – Start Now!

Feel Fabulous AGAIN with Fabufit!

There’s a lot of stress in life these days. Treat yourself with one of our self pampering body contouring special offers and feel Faaaaaaabulous again! 😉

This holiday season is the best time to save on ANY Fabufit spa services.

From 15-35% OFF! The more you buy the more you save.

Use Coupon codes at checkout to apply your discount.

  • Single purchase appointments: SAVE2021
  • Multi-appointment packages: FABU2021

Here are some example savings to peak your interest.

Body Wraps

  • Buy 1 x Detox Body Wrap for just $140.25 (Save 15%)
  • Buy 5 x Detox Body Wraps for just $594.15 (Save 28%)


  • Buy 1 x Juvanesse Treatments for just $157.25 (Save 15%)
  • Buy 5 x Juvanesse Treatments for just $594.15 (Save 35%)


  • Buy 1 x Eurowave Treatment for just $102 (Save 15%)
  • Buy 10 x Eurowave Treatments for just $680 (Save 25%)

Book your appointment today.

Spring savings on body wraps on easter colours

Spring is Here and Change is in the Air

Some days it feels like we’re pivoting a bit too much and I’m afraid we’re all getting a bit dizzy! 

Some changes we’re know are temporary. Some we ditch almost immediately (Did you try baking, too?). And some changes were so profound we hope they stay forever!

Today we bring you two of our most favourite changes, so keep reading!

Slip into some delicious self-care at my most special rate. Our Bentonite Body Wraps are only $99, because we want everyone to be able to treat themselves. 

My next favourite change is more personal and involves YOU!

I’ve also experienced my own shifts and they have led me to a transformative place. I have been diving deeper in my own meditative practice, completing a life coaching certification and enrolling in yoga teacher training.

Why? Because I believe the body is amazing and the mind / body connection is what I find fascinating.

I’m so thankful that I’ve gotten to work so closely with some of you already and I want to bring in more of that collaborative relationship. 

Hold onto your hat! I’m getting ready to launch a few new offerings.

But FIRST, I would love to hear from you. If you’re intrigued by how we might create some sort of body mind upgrade, please book a free 30 minute Discovery Session with me –and let me give something back to you, too!

FabuFit Valentines Day EuroWave Special

Tone Up With FabuFit’s Valentine’s Day Eurowave Special!

Happy February! 

Have your gym visits gone down since Covid? Mine sure have! One of the best treatments I’ve got for you right now to supplement your exercise routine is the Eurowave muscle toning treatments. 

Eurowave Tones Your Entire Body

Typically associated with ab toning, Eurowave can work on many parts of the body, including the butt, biceps, and triceps! Pick different body parts to focus on for each treatment.

You’ll also feel as good as you look. Eurowave stimulates your lymphatic system, removing your body of unwanted toxins. 


Eurowave Now 35% Off At FabuFit

Our Valentine’s Day special includes 5 x 40 minute Eurowave sessions for $325 –that’s a whopping 35% off our regular price of $500

The deal is available for purchase during the whole month of February, so book your sessions today!  

Stay tuned for more specials AND new offerings to help you build confidence and mental clarity, coming this Spring!

All the best,


January Special

January Special on Eurowave & Bodywraps!

Happy New Year Friends!

Commit to a healthier, more vibrant YOU this year by taking advantage of my BEST deal ever to detoxify and tone, and let’s start 2021 off right!

For the month of January, get 1 body wrap & 1 Eurowave session for just $99. Regularly priced at $240, this deal is a whopping 57% off!

What are the benefits of Eurowave & Bodywraps? 

Eurowave treatments are effective body contouring treatments that stimulate the lymphatic system and help people lose inches fast while improving the smoothness and vibrancy of the skin. My Bentonite Clay bodywraps help you detoxify your body, reducing inflammation and joint pain.

Call me at (604) 727-6254 to take advantage of this special offer.
All the best,

Boxing Week special – Take 25% off on Treatment Packages!

Hello dear friends,

Happy Holidays! I hope this email finds you healthy and enjoying the holiday season.

To celebrate I’m offering a Boxing Week special on treatment packages.

Start 2021 with some self-care

Bring in the new year with some YOU time. Get 25% off one of my regularly priced treatment packages when you buy between Boxing Day and December 31. Choose from Bentonite Clay Body WrapJuvenese, and Eurowave packages, or my treatment combination packages.

Contact me to purchase your packages. I look forward to seeing you!

All the best for the New Year, 


3 hot holiday deals at fabufit

3 Fabufit Deals for the Holidays

Hello again friends,

Can you believe it’s December already? Whether you’re due for some healing alone-time or you’re looking for a healthy gift idea, I think we all need some pampering after a year like this! That’s why I decided to extend these 3 promotions until December 24th:

  1. Complimentary Eurowave Session and Skin Consultation: Do you know what your skin needs most right now? Maybe you just need something different to do that won’t cost too much? If you’re a new client, book your complimentary skin consultation with me and enjoy a free 30-minute Eurowave treatment! Eurowave essentially targets specific muscle groups to help you lose inches like you would if you went to the gym. Each 18-minute treatment is the equivalent of up to 200-300 isometric sit-ups, with measurable results of approximately 1-3 inches lost after the first session. 
  2. Bentonite Clay Body Wrap: This isolation-friendly experience is a cozy winter favourite to get your circulation going on a chilly day. Wrap yourself in luxurious Bentonite Clay and relax into some me-time. Absorb nutrients, detoxify, lose temporary inches, reduce inflammation, and improve the texture your skin. Body wraps just leave you feeling warm, calm, and silky-smooth, don’t they?
  3. BOGO Gift Certificate Special: This one should cover it all if you don’t want to decide now. Just buy a $100 gift certificate to receive an additional $25 gift certificate! Use your gift certificate on any FabuFit services, including detoxing body wrapsEurowave, or Juvanesse. Treat yourself ‘just because’, celebrate a success, or make your holiday shopping list a little shorter. It’s up to you! 

Are you ready to book a session? Email, text, or call (604) 727-6254 to find a time that works for you and save your spot. I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Until then, stay warm and dry out there.

All the best, 

P.S. As always, I am committed to providing a safe, comfortable environment for my clients. Read about Fabufit’s COVID-19 policies for more information. 

Bentonite Clay Body Wraps help you warm up AND tone up

Warm up while you tone up with Body Wraps!

Hello dear friends,

Too chilly for you? Need a little self care? I’ve got you! Indulging in a Bentonite Clay Body Wrap is the perfect self-isolation activity that will make you warm and cozy.

Snuggly wrapped in cocoon-like layers of bentonite clay and blankets, you will emerge with all sorts of benefits other than the zen sensation of spending an hour relaxing by yourself. Our wraps help you detoxify your body, reducing inflammation and joint pain, and you may find you lose a few inches in the process!

With such minimal risk, the health minister has seen to leave our type of services open for business, and I’ve also developed COVID-19 policies to help keep my clients even safer.

Contact me to book your appointment today. I look forward to seeing you!

All the best,


P.S. Don’t forget, we are also running a special offer on gift certificates for the whole month of November –which you can use on your body wrap session!

Complementary Eurowave session

Complimentary Eurowave Treatment Special Offer!

Hello dear friends,

I hope you are all having a good week so far – and that the offer contained in this email makes it even better! 

Our special promo starting this week is a complimentary 30 minute Eurowave session and skin consultation. 


What is Eurowave?

Eurowave treatments are effective body contouring treatments that help people lose inches fast while improving the smoothness and vibrancy of the skin.

The secret behind Eurowave is an enhanced faradic wave that targets specific muscle groups and effectively works them in the same way going to the gym does.

Each 18 minute treatment is the equivalent of up to 200-300 isometric sit-ups, with measurable results of approximately 1-3 inches lost after the first session. 

This is a limited time offer, so please contact me by November 30th to book your session between now and the end of December. 



I am committed to providing a safe, comfortable environment for clients. Read FabuFit’s COVID-19 policies


November special offer on Gift Certificates

Welcome to November my friends! 

I hope you are keeping warm and safe! 

Here at FabuFit, we are offering a special promotion as we move into the holiday season. Buy a $100 gift certificate, and receive an additional $25 gift certificate. Treat someone you love – even yourself! 

This promotion is good all month long, and gift certificates can be used on any of our services! Choose from detoxing body wraps, Eurowave, or Juvanesse

Did you know early winter is a beneficial time to indulge in Body Wraps? Bentonite Clay, the main ingredient in our body wraps, detoxifies your body and has additional benefits. Experience better sleep, improve skin appearance, and lose inches fast with the delivery of nutrients like magnesium. Body wraps are also beneficial during the colder winter months as they increase circulation and reduce aches and pains. 

To book, contact me at (604) 727-6254 or

All the best,




PS: Looking to enjoy even more FabuFit services? Refer a friend and get a free 30min Eurowave inch loss session.



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