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Fabufit Body Contouring

Fabufit Body Contouring

Transform your health and feel better through Eurowave treatments, Juvanesse UltraSonic treatments, or our highly-recommended total detox body wraps. All of our services are a great way to supplement a healthy lifestyle, and keep you empowered to continue making healthy decisions every day.
valentines day special vancouver

Treat yourself to our Valentines Day specials

*New Treatment*

Magnesium Detox Body Wrap

Perfect to treat muscle and joint soreness, insomnia and other symptoms related to magnesium deficiency.  

Buy 1 Get 1 Free…..$210 for one. 

Love Yourself Detox Wrap Package

2 x full detox body wraps + 2 x inch loss treatments
$480 value / Valentine’s Day price of $336 30% off 
Maximum one package per customer, must be used in two sessions

The perfect gift for those who are difficult to buy for:

Comes in exactly the right size, and always the perfect colour: Fabufit gift cards!
Spend $100 get $25 FREE
Spend $250 get $75 FREE
Spend $500 get $165 FREE 
Fabufit new location

We are moving to Seymour Street at Nelson!

I am excited to announce my new location, inside Inspirit Health, at #220 – 997 Seymour Street (at Nelson), across from Nester’s Market.
We open there on January 2nd, 2020! 
My new space is bright and centrally located downtown, in a cool clinic with naturopaths and other holistic practitioners.
We will offer the same state-of-the-art inch loss treatments and will be adding some new services as well!
Book your appointment and come by, I’d love to see you there!

How to get the most out of your Detox Body Wrap

Our Detox Body Wraps are our signature service for skin toning and inch loss. How can you get the most benefits from this treatment?

Here are our top tips to help you prepare:

Before your appointment:

  • pack your bag with some extra undergarments
  • drink lots of water to help the detoxification process
  • avoid hair removal for at least 24 hours
  • reduce or eliminate your intake of caffeine
  • avoid body lotion and cream for 24 hours

After your appointment:

  • keep drinking lots of water to flush out more toxins
  • when you wash, just have a quick rinse in the shower
  • use soap on your face and private areas and leave the rest to have more time for detoxing
  • if you want to have a bath, consider purchasing one of our bentonite bath bombs or bath salts to help prolong the detoxification process
  • limit your intake of caffeine, sugar, alcohol and fried foods
  • skip the lotion and body cream
  • book your next body wrap appointment for 3-4 weeks from now

I want you to have the best possible results from your body wrap. Feel free to ask questions before, during or after your treatment… because when you feel good, we feel great!

New Website Launch

Welcome to our new website! Fabufit Body Contouring is excited to announce the launch of our new website. With services like our detox body wraps, Eurowave treatments, and Juvanesse treatments, we want to help you feel your best.

To find a monthly package that suites your needs, visit our Packages page or fill out the form below.


Vancouver Body Contouring Specialist

Alexandra Colella is the owner of FabuFit Body Contouring. Transform your body and mind today at our body contouring and body wrap spa today.

Body Wraps, Eurowave, Juvanesse.

#220 – 997 Seymour Street (at Nelson) in Vancouver BC.

(604) 727-6254


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