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Fabufit Body Contouring Packages – Eurowave & Juvanesse UltraSonic

It would probably be impossible to find even one person on Earth who’s never felt concerned about their body. If you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume you recognize yourself in that statement. Fortunately, you’re far from powerless. Experts have developed methods with a mix of modern technology and ancient wisdom to allow anyone to improve their health and look better all at once. As a bonus, these treatments will leave you feeling pampered and relaxed.

Though there are many options, we’re just going to cover a few that offer some of the most dramatic improvements. Eurowave and Juvanesse UltraSonic treatments use unique methods to achieve incredible results, and they’re ultra-effective when combined. Treatment additions like Detox Body Wraps can boost the impact of both.

Eurowave Treatments

Eurowave treatments are a proven body contouring method. They use currents from enhanced faradic waves to work your muscles while you rest. Not only do these treatments build muscle; but they also cut inches off your body starting from the first session. You can expect to see a reduction of 1 to 3 inches immediately after your initial treatment. A tape measure is all you need to prove it works.

It sounds extraordinary because it is. The faradic waves repeatedly contract and relax your muscles the same way they’d contract and relax during exercise. Every 30-minute session is equivalent to a tiring trip to the gym, but you won’t feel tired at all with the direct currents doing all the work for you. You can ask your Eurowave specialist to focus on the area that concerns you most: abdomen, bum, arms, or thighs. As mentioned above, even one treatment creates dramatic results. However, for the most significant improvement, multiple treatments are ideal.

Juvanesse UltraSonic Treatments

This body contouring treatment uses ultrasonic waves at the perfect frequency to target cellulite and localized fat deposits. It stimulates your body to use its natural abilities in fat elimination and skin improvement. Juvanesse increases skin elasticity, which can reduce with age. Nonetheless, it’s helpful for women and men of every age—after all, cellulite and fat deposits arise even in very young individuals. Juvanesse UltraSonic is highly targeted, so specialists will direct waves at the problem areas that bother you the most.

Pre-Designed Body Contouring Packages to Suit Your Needs

Eurowave and Juvanesse UltraSonic treatments are highly effective when performed separately, but the results seem almost miraculous when combined. FabuFit Body Contouring offers convenient packages allowing you to benefit from both. Packages are also a more affordable way to try out multiple treatment types. Some include Detox Body Wraps that use a mineral-based mixture and bandages dipped in bentonite, a form of clay. The treatment visibly improves skin while increasing internal health.

Eurowave and Juvanesse UltraSonic treatments can help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted. Get in touch with us today to book your Fabufit package.

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Fabufit Body Contouring

Fabufit Body Contouring

Transform your health and feel better through Eurowave treatments, Juvanesse UltraSonic treatments, or our highly-recommended total detox body wraps. All of our services are a great way to supplement a healthy lifestyle, and keep you empowered to continue making healthy decisions every day.


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