Featuring: Detox Body Wrap + Juvanesse Package

Fabufit is excited to expand on our package offerings due to popular demand. 

Thanks for your feedback with our latest post on our Ultrasonic Juvanesse cellulite reduction. People have recently been enjoying this service and the benefits of our most popular service, our Detox Body Wraps.

Together at last! Detox Body Wraps + Juvanesse

This month we’d like to feature our newly combined package of both Detox Body Wrap and Juvanesse Treatment together in back to back sessions. 

Now you can experience a longer treatment and pampering to maximize your detoxification and cellulite reduction and save money at the same time.

All our package prices are designed to save you money! 🙂

Fabufit – Detox Body Wrap + Juvanesse

  • 1 x Detox Body Wrap
  • 1 x Juvanesse
  • Session length 2 hours
  • Regular Price: $350


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Fabufit Body Contouring

Fabufit Body Contouring

Transform your health and feel better through Eurowave treatments, Juvanesse UltraSonic treatments, or our highly-recommended total detox body wraps. All of our services are a great way to supplement a healthy lifestyle, and keep you empowered to continue making healthy decisions every day.


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