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Fabufit Body Contouring

Fabufit Body Contouring

Transform your health and feel better through Eurowave treatments, Juvanesse UltraSonic treatments, or our highly-recommended total detox body wraps. All of our services are a great way to supplement a healthy lifestyle, and keep you empowered to continue making healthy decisions every day.

How to get the most out of your Detox Body Wrap

Our Detox Body Wraps are our signature service for skin toning and inch loss. How can you get the most benefits from this treatment?

Here are our top tips to help you prepare:

Before your appointment:

  • pack your bag with some extra undergarments
  • drink lots of water to help the detoxification process
  • avoid hair removal for at least 24 hours
  • reduce or eliminate your intake of caffeine
  • avoid body lotion and cream for 24 hours

After your appointment:

  • keep drinking lots of water to flush out more toxins
  • when you wash, just have a quick rinse in the shower
  • use soap on your face and private areas and leave the rest to have more time for detoxing
  • if you want to have a bath, consider purchasing one of our bentonite bath bombs or bath salts to help prolong the detoxification process
  • limit your intake of caffeine, sugar, alcohol and fried foods
  • skip the lotion and body cream
  • book your next body wrap appointment for 3-4 weeks from now

I want you to have the best possible results from your body wrap. Feel free to ask questions before, during or after your treatment… because when you feel good, we feel great!

New Year, New You 2019

Happy New Year!
Want to get a jump on January and feel Fabufit? Let me help you counteract all that holiday snacking and boost your health and fitness efforts!

I can help you:
• slim down
• tone up
• feel healthy
• gain confidence

and most exciting of all, with our exclusive limited time New Year’s offers, SAVE MONEY!

Start the new year with some self-love and book one of our specials now before they are all gone.

This pricing is only valid until Jan 7, 2018 and cannot be combined with any other offers


Full Detox Body Wrap + BONUS GIFT (48% OFF)
Our signature service for inch loss and skin toning with a take-home bonus to extend your results.
1 Full Detox Body Wrap + BONUS 1 Detox Bath Bomb to take home for more results
New Year’s Price: $91
Regular Price: $175

Maximum one package per customer

Detox Super Combo (60% OFF)
Combining our two most complimentary treatments for super inch loss.
1 Full Detox Body Wrap + 1 Lymphatic Stimulation Treatments
New Year’s Price: $99
Regular Price: $240

Maximum one package per customer, must be use at the same time

Day at the Spa + BONUS GIFT (55% OFF)
Advanced fat reduction, noticeable inch and detox for our most effective slimming combination treatment… with a take-home bonus to extend your results.
1 Fat Reduction, 1 Full Detox Body Wrap, 1 Lymphatic Stimulation Treatment, + BONUS 1 Detox Bath Bomb to take home for more results

New Year’s Price: $199
Regular Price: $435

Must be used at the same time
Maximum two packages per customer

Bye Bye Cellulite in 2019 (45% OFF)
Targeted smoothing, fat reduction and inch loss in the area you need it most
4 Fat Reduction And Cellulite Treatment
New Year’s Price: $399
Regular Price: $740

Maximum one package per customer

Fabufit Boxing Week 2018 SUPERSALE

Full Detox Body Wraps (45% OFF): Our #1 Best-Seller For Inch Loss and Skin Toning

This total detox body wrap uses a unique, all-natural mineral base mixture in which bandages are pre-soaked in bentonite and then applied warm to the body to give a fast, effective and sustainable inch loss through detoxification.

Boxing Week Price: $91
Regular Price: $165

*Maximum one package per customer

Super Toning Package (60% OFF): Inch Loss and Lymphatic Stimulation Where You Need It The Most

5 x Inch Loss Treatments (20 minutes each)

Boxing Week Price: $155
Regular Price: $375

*Maximum two packages per customer

Triple Treat (50% OFF): Targeted Fat Reduction, Inch Loss and Detoxification For 2019

1x Fat Reduction Treatment (40 minutes)
1x Full Detox Body Wrap (2 hours)
1x Lymphatic Stimulation Treatment (30 minutes)

Boxing Week Price: $199
Regular Price: $425

*Must be used at the same time
*Maximum two packages per customer

Double Detox (40% OFF): Combining Two of Our Most Popular Treatments for Double-Duty Inch Loss.

2 x Full Detox Body Wraps (2 hours each)
2 x Lymphatic Stimulation Treatment (30 minutes each)

Boxing Week Price: $239
Regular Price: $400

*Maximum two packages per customer


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Getting Ready For The Holidays

Getting ready for the holidays

I can’t believe it’s already holiday time. All those gatherings and parties are coming up. I want to help you look fabulous. Everyone has a different reason for wanting to look great this season. I’ve heard them all, like increasing confidence or impressing a new love. Some even want to make an old flame jealous. I’ve got you covered!

I can help you fit into your party outfit, look great in your Christmas PJs and offset some of the inevitable holiday eating.
While I offer many different contouring services, my #1 recommendation for holiday prep is a detox body wrap. It’s your best option for a quick, effective and noticeable slimming solution. My body wraps help draw out toxins and reduce bloating, while offering inch loss and skin toning. The effect is immediate and will have you wishing you had RSVP’d to more events! 
Right now, I’m offering a buy one get one free detox body wrap. This means you can use one now before the holidays and save one for the future. This offer is valid until December 20, 2018 and must be used by the same person. So act now to get your pre-holiday booking!
I’ve also got gift certificates for the special someones on your list. 
I’d like to wish you a fabulous & beautiful holiday season! Thank you for your support throughout the year!

Fabufit Valentines Special Offers

Valentine’s is supposed to be about Love ❤️ but sometimes those feeling gets lost.
Some people feel pressure, others feel lonely. We can even become competitive or compare ones self to others.
If you’re feeling blah about Valentine’s Day….I suggest focusing on self love.
Getting into some healthy self-care activity’s really gets the happiness juices flowing. Activities such as going for a walk, yoga, swimming, hiking, or evening cooking a healthy meal for yourself are positive examples of self love. One of my favorite things to do, before I even get out of bed, is daily positive affirmations.
At Fabufit, we are passionate about self-care and self-love ALL year, not just on Valentine’s Day!

When you visit us , you’ll discover we are positive caring and supportive.

Here are the special offers to help you celebrate the Valentines season, whether it’s self love or buying that special someone a gift!
❤️ $49 – 1 Express Detox Body Wrap ($135 value)
❤️ $49 – 1 Juvanesse Laser Fat Reduction Session ($185 value)
❤️ $175 – 2 Detox Full Body Wraps ($280 value). Buy one, gift one
❤️ Buy a $75 gift card, get an extra $25. 
These are limited time offers. Call us today to book your appointment or to purchase a gift card.

Fabufit New Years Promotions

Wishing all of you and your families a Happy New Year 🎆
Now is the time many people start thinking about health goals, such as eating cleaner, getting more rest, or hitting the gym more often.  
I can help you with weight loss, toning, inch loss, targeting troubled areas, and making you look & feel FABUFIT! 
Here are my New Year Specials:
  • 65% OFF $49   1 Express Detox Body Wrap ($135 value)
  • 75% OFF $49   1 Juvanesse Laser Fat Reduction Session ($185 value)
  • 45% OFF $175 2 Full Detox Body Wraps ($330 value)
I truly appreciate the opportunity to support all of you through treatments, nutrition, and healthier living. Here’s to another incredible year! 
Book now by calling / texting me at (604) 727-6254
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Holiday Promotion: $49 Detox Body Wraps

I’m super excited to announce a new look for Fabufit Body Contouring ❤️❤️❤️ A few months ago, I decided it was time for a change, for an upgrade, to reflect a renewed energy and focus on my business.

So I’m very proud to present a new logo, website, with great new package deals.

There will also be a monthly blog to keep you updated on health, beauty, fitness, & nutrition.

Many clients come to me telling me they are ready for a new start as well, a renewed focus on their health, fitness and appearance.

I love sharing in their progress, helping with motivation and support along their way.

I’m excited to help them take the next step with Fabufit services including Detox BodyWraps, Eurowave and Juvanesse.

I appreciate your business, friendship and support over the years and would love to have you celebrate this re-launch with me.

I will be offering a one time special for the month of December:

❤️ Detox Body Wrap for only $49.00 ($135 value) ❤️

Spread the word to everyone you know, as we all love to feel and look great.

I wish you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS 🎄and a fantastic new year!!! xoxo Alexandra xoxo


Vancouver Body Contouring Specialist

Alexandra Colella is the owner of FabuFit Body Contouring. Transform your body and mind today at our body contouring and body wrap spa today.

Body Wraps, Eurowave, Juvanesse.

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