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FabuFit Valentines Day EuroWave Special

Tone Up With FabuFit’s Valentine’s Day Eurowave Special!

Happy February! 

Have your gym visits gone down since Covid? Mine sure have! One of the best treatments I’ve got for you right now to supplement your exercise routine is the Eurowave muscle toning treatments. 

Eurowave Tones Your Entire Body

Typically associated with ab toning, Eurowave can work on many parts of the body, including the butt, biceps, and triceps! Pick different body parts to focus on for each treatment.

You’ll also feel as good as you look. Eurowave stimulates your lymphatic system, removing your body of unwanted toxins. 


Eurowave Now 35% Off At FabuFit

Our Valentine’s Day special includes 5 x 40 minute Eurowave sessions for $325 –that’s a whopping 35% off our regular price of $500

The deal is available for purchase during the whole month of February, so book your sessions today!  

Stay tuned for more specials AND new offerings to help you build confidence and mental clarity, coming this Spring!

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Vancouver Body Contouring Specialist

Alexandra Colella is the owner of FabuFit Body Contouring. Transform your body and mind today at our body contouring and body wrap spa today.

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