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fabufit is reopening for appointments

FabuFit is Reopening June 1st!

Hello everyone! 

I’m delighted to announce that on June 1st 2020, Fabufit Body Contouring will reopen for in-person appointments! 

Barring any unforeseen circumstances (ie. major COVID outbreaks and/or orders from the public health official), we will be open for pre-booked appointments. There have been many changes to our health and safety procedures and I have implemented plans to support your needs and keep you safe at the same time.

To maintain safe physical distancing I will ask all my clients to please arrive only at the scheduled time of their appointment. The waiting area will not be available.

Essential criteria for in-office appointments

I will only provide appointments to clients that have not:

  • Experienced respiratory symptoms including shortness of breath, fever, dry cough, and fatigue in the last 14 days
  • Traveled outside of Canada in the last 14 days
  • Been in contact with someone who has COVID-19
  • Been in contact with someone who lives or works in a long-term care facility in the last 14 days

Safety Precautions

Rest assured that I’m taking every precaution available to keep us all protected. Should you meet the criteria and come into the office, I have taken the necessary steps to protect you:

  • Sanitization of treatment room after every appointment
  • Regular deep sanitization of the entire clinic
  • Minimized the waiting area and will now send you to a treatment room upon arrival
  • Contactless payment policy

Safety measures you can take

To help keep us all safe, there are several safety measures you can take before & after you enter the clinic. Please wash your hands and use the hand sanitizers available in the office. Masks and gloves are not required at this time and will not be provided. If it makes you feel more comfortable, please feel free to wear personal protective equipment to the office.

To schedule appointments, please call or text me at (604) 727-6254, or email. I’m so excited to see you all again soon! 



A message from Alex with helpful coronavidvirus resources

Helpful Resources during Coronavirus

Hello my friends,

As we start another Wednesday it seems a lifetime since I sent out the last email. Hard to believe it’s only been a week.

In this last week I’ve been bombarded with multiple emails from companies trying to sell me so many things that are not useful at this time. Not cool. Why do I need a new outfit when there is nowhere to blinkin’ wear it to…. grrrrr. How can I buy an outfit when I am worried about paying my mortgage…?

Personally I think they are being totally tone-deaf. So I got to thinking what do I want to see from businesses?

Who is sharing useful information and products? These are the companies that I will be loyal to on the other side of this.

So here are some of the resources I want to share this week:

Home schooling – how on earth do we all become teachers?

For all you parents out there with children still in school.  On top of everything if you have children you now have to keep them occupied, while confined, and educate them as the chances of them going back to school before September seem slim. I’ve found some fabulous free resource tools  –  Scholastic with daily printable worksheets and The Canadian Homeschooler with lots of parent support groups.

Mental health during covid-19

Louise Hay is one of my most favourite authors. I’ve been reading her books since I was 15 as they truly helped my mom out in very hard times, and my favourite book of hers is You Can Heal Your Life. She is offering free online books, meditations, and podcasts. These are resources to help bring the fear and anxiety of the situation under control, because after each news broadcast goodness anything to give you a lift is helpful. People are social animals and this self-confinement and isolation are tough, especially if you live alone, or are in one of the most vulnerable groups.

Stretch what cash you have

We are all struggling with the financial impact of Coronavirus. When will we get paid again? Do I qualify forEI? Or is it the new gov’t Emergency benefit? When will it come in? Cash flow is becoming critical for impacted households and racking up the credit cards is not the greatest idea as they seem to be the only sector not jumping up to offer help.

So here are some tips on eating healthy and on a budget that can really take some pressure off. We are all mostly home now with time on our hands to cook, prepare a meal plan, and follow through as opposed to calling for takeout. We all definitely want to support our community restaurants, but keep it to once every 10 days. That will help you as well as them.

Sending you all lots of positive vibes ❤️




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